wXw & CZW – TOD Tournament of Death VS 18+ Gorefest 07.11.2010

Release: CZW.2010.11.07.T.O.D.vs.Gorefest.DVDRip.x264-RUDOS

History was made in germany with this event wXw versus CZW in the year 2010. wXw has Gorefest and CZW TOD Tournament of Death, this event combine the biggest german deathmatch tournament of all time. We have Masada, Nick Gage, Jon Moxley, Danny Havoc, Drake Younger and more !

Location: Germany / Nordrhein Westfalen
Date: 07.11.2010


First Round Thumbtack Stuff Death Match
Danny Havoc vs. Jon Ryan

First Round Cinderblocks & Barbed Wire Boards Death Match
DJ Hyde vs. Drake Younger

First Round Ultraviolent Tables Death Match
Jimmy Havoc vs. Masada

Ultraviolent Underground Title – First Round Polish Punishment Death Match
Adam Polak vs. Nick Gage

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match
Jon Moxley vs. Devon Moore

Semi Final Best Two Out Of Three Log Cabins Death Match

Ultraviolent Underground Title – Semi Final Unlucky 13 Death Match

wXw Unified World Wrestling Title Match
2Face vs. Big Van Walter

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Adam Cole, BLK Jeez, Drew Gulak & Karsten Beck vs. Bernd Föhr, Greg Excellent, Rich Swann & Zack Sabre Jr.

Singles Match
Carnage vs. Sami Callihan

Ultraviolent Underground Title – Final No Ropes Barbed Wire Death Match






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7 Comments on “wXw & CZW – TOD Tournament of Death VS 18+ Gorefest 07.11.2010”

  1. currently 1fichier works for me. so this is good for WH 🙂 it was not working the last half year

    do not know when bdupload.asia is good one or not, maybe someone can use it.

  2. testing bdupload.asia in first time, speed is good for free user, it has more speed than dl.free.fr, so it usefull 🙂

  3. PH.M.H :
    Do not know, I am upload mostly 700mb rar parts, because my upload speed is very slow. Otherwise bigger files will break up and time is lost. bdupload.asia is also far away from me, this make it save.

    DeathMatchMachine :
    Maybe you have luck and I will find all the other events. There was also ”Triangle wXw vs CZW” in the USA. So far I remember it is requested in wrestling torrent sites, lol. It is of course historical, both was work together. And there was also the insane match with Masada against Thumbtack Jack, but can currently not find my DVD. You are welcome, man 😉
    There is new GCW Backyard Wrestling on WH, do not miss it, this is best outside dirty and violence indy wrestling. It was a awesome party event.

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