WH Ultras / Share your LOve

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Wrestling-Home Ultras / Share your LOve

WH Ultras / Share your LOve

We Want to Set Up Wrestling-Home Ultras , Can We Find Help !!!

2 points Will discussed at this life time sticky post

being one of Wrestling fans Who Stand behind Wrestling-Home is very
iMportant to Keep WH Alive , This site was created from Wrestling Fan
To Wrestling Fans – i think your Experience through All browsing in All
Wrestling Websites U will never Find Such As Wrestling-Home to download
your Wrestling / Fight Events with high quality + these file hosters

Again !! Wrestling-Home is idea and this idea will never die [if]

there are a fans stand behind it , We will continue More and More

**** 2 Points ****

  • Got something to offer and you Can add Value to WH
    with any Simple things [ideas / Share / GFX / …. etc]
    According to your Experience We Will appreciate your Efforts !!
  • Keep WH Alive With Simple donation to Cover our monthly rents
    [there is no minimum or maximum limit As you Want !!!!!!!!!!!!]
WH Ultras / Share your LOve

PLZ : E-Mail Us With Your donation ScreenShot

My E-Mail :

ph.hammad[@]gmail CoM


WH Ultras / Share your LOve

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WH Ultras / Share your LOve

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13 Comments on “WH Ultras / Share your LOve”

    1. let’s us discuss rule of win = win situation
      if u checked early releases of some material like
      WWE you will find NWCHD with free hosts + premium
      but when u upload 5 to 8 versions per same event !!! [all sites u nominate]
      upload all versions !!! give me one site [1 site] upload
      * wwe royal rumble 1080p Aces [16.5 GB]
      * wwe royal rumble 1080p HEEl [10 gb]
      * wwe royal rumble 1080p justHD [13 gb]
      * wwe royal rumble 1080p star [18 gb]
      * wwe royal rumble 1080i sky [17 gb]
      * wwe royal rumble 1080i feed [50 gb]

      if you find 1 wrestling forum upload all these 1080 versions
      i will give u plan A on wrestling-home.vip

      back to our original talk , u wanna me post all these versions
      with free hosts how ?????

      All in all it is idea and i believe in it !

  1. Question: Why paying you for uploading other releases ? You want to make money by stealing other releases and upload them on accounts that pay you for users who download them, i.e. Rapidgator, Uploaded and so on. Your plans are just ridiculous.
    This has nothing to do with love for wrestling or supporting the scene. This is just cash grabbing.
    Only thing which makes it reasonable are your own works like satellite feeds. But even that is robbery of copyrighted content which you want to make money with. Not cool at all…

    1. Let me accept ur insults okay iam not a thief !! Why ??
      Iam re uploader that’s mean I download original uploader’s material then re upload it with it’s original name to keep their efforts to fans don’t forget they allow us to re upload now where is the theft ??
      Second point I know rapidgator and nitroflare pay to us why ? According to achieve equation of business rule of win = win situation Rapidgator earns and uploader earn too , is there a problem with this ???
      Another point payments of rapidgator and others I use them to pay for monthly server costs + uploading dedicated system (if u are WH fan ) u will know this word I upload more than 1 tb per day , do u imagine ????
      Remember cappers should be appreciated + staff team
      Remember WH presents all wrestling / fights no one place at all over the world upload what I upload here , and I know what I said
      + subscription site is a service , is there any service at the world presented for free !!!! Take it or leave it , according to donation post I think I can’t take ur money without ur approval !!!!
      Final word when u seek for ur benefits only ok why I should be on events time and iam stay in Cairo, 8 hours above eastern time that’s mean events released at my time zone on 5 to 6 AM do u imagine what I mean ????

  2. Alright, perhaps stealing was the wrong word. So what are your costs for running this site incl. all server costs per year ?
    I don’t have a problem with reuploading like many other groups, sites and forums do. But they all do it mainly for free except getting rewards by the hosters and sometimes asking for donations to keep just the forum alive. The do not have huge webspace to pay as the files are hosted on diferent hosters/servers.
    I mean I don’t know your site very well but I read your plans and calling up 80 $ and more per year seems just very high for content the users get on many other sites too.
    And when you have to be ontime with your uploads uploading 1TB a day you don’t have another job I guess. So this site is your income right ? So the money you ask for is not just for your server costs but for you in general, am I right ?
    Not wanted to be rude but you know I don’t like it when people ask for money for copyrighted and mainly pirated content. Have a nice day. I won’t bother you anymore.

    1. first of All iam Pharmacist bro , so i have my own bussiness and my own life
      uploading wrestling is my hobby i upload wrestling Since you remember NEETIN [XWN’s owner]
      + Wrestlingbay [Aadil] Site + RUDOS releases did u remember them !!
      ok also uplaoding 1 tb is no problem if u use 10 GB connection of uploading system 100 GB will take few mints to upload
      , also i upload first releases of wrestling releasers like NWCHD + Heel completely For free brother
      what the idea i mean !! all sites upload one version sd and another one version 720p only while i upload more than 10 or All released versions ,
      + i upload All wrestling media and fights from exclusive contents please browse the site very good at the section u like ie . WWE / MMA / TNA
      and check what i present here i promise you will not find it at all wrestling Sites All over the world , so we here a staff of uploaders one of them called PH.M.H
      . point of subscription check reviews or rating post of vip users and u will know i present service like any one present a service bro !!
      80 $ is 1 year subscription at wrestling vip site [you will have ur event with more than 40 hosts] do u imagine ???
      is there any wrestling uploader use these hosts , now days i search 4 staff of uploading to divide our work by hours
      finally bro this is service u accept it subscribe u don’t want , don’t subscribe brother !! it is easy equation
      final thing you work as a uploader before just ask about 10 gb connection of dedicated server how much does it cost ??
      then i will disscuss how much we spend for this site !! remeber i will upload all weekly events with 1080i !!!!
      u will find raw episode with 18 gb + AEW + IMPACT all this has a cost too , see u at anniversary i will give u PLAN B
      For Free and u will judge with your self brother

    1. yeah cuz of our work here may be or Fb releases , all in all we will start
      from the begining or may be solved soon but i can’t reach to X , i lost account
      of 45 TB upload and iam out of mood

  3. How long do you keep your uploads on this site for? If I signed up in December 2020, would I be able to download your 1080p AEW releases from February 2020?

  4. i didn’t keep files on my HDD also if i will plan to keep 1080p of all releases that is mean we need alot of storage space and it is over our hands so it’s preferable to subscribe from now PM me 4 details if u need to subscribe only for AEW i can make discount to you

  5. I’m only interested in your high quality 1080p Wrestling Home releases but so far you, have only capped and released 4 out of 11 releases this year. How many more week are you going to miss and how much are you going to charge?

  6. we have a month releases 4 events / Feb 2020 And March year is Still
    And We have PLAN 4 Upload All AEW Events , stay tuned
    And if u like It early u should subscribe at Vip Site , Enjoy

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