Keep WH Alive [Donation]

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Keep WH Alive [Donation]

Keep WH Alive [Donation]

Wrestling-home is non profitable wrestling site : i think you make ensure from that via browsing the site last months no wrestling site upload all versions and use all hosts we upload at it , now we have at least more than 1000 visitor per day we should transefer WH to more potensial server and more speed server also to cover these costs we open this donation page you can help wrestling-home to be alive more and more with free hosts for all wrestling fans

if you enjoy browsing this site please consider sending in a donation to help us pay for our monthly server costs.

WebMoney [WMZ]


WebMoney [WME]



plz send me via whatsapp button after your donation

You can also buy premium accounts via our download links of these hosts

Keep WH Alive [Donation]
Keep WH Alive [Donation]
Keep WH Alive [Donation]
Keep WH Alive [Donation]
Keep WH Alive [Donation]

Thanks in advance


32 Comments on “Keep WH Alive [Donation]”

  1. Yeah, you give me all the new indy stuff, this is so many work, why not.
    I am a jobless loser, all what I can give you is 10 bucks ‘Pay Safe Card’ sometimes for a month. Card comes from europe.

    Can you use it ?

    When yes give me a clean and save @ Mail adress. And I will go and buy a card ‘next week’.
    Pay Safe Card is just a number code, its easy to send it with mail.

  2. I had the same problem. I’ll look into Webmoney I’ve never used it. If you have a bitcoin wallet I could send a few bucks that way.

  3. You can use PaySafeCards for Premium accounts, like or DXTV use for his files. When you have share-online account, some files will stay forever, so long you have the account.

    Otherwise it is ”maybe” possible to transfer paysafecard money into paypal account, but I am not sure for that. I do not have paypal, so I do not know it correctly.

    1. I will try u mean I get premium account for this host , I will talk to snow90 for this , I get premium account at and I can select which free host I make it re upload file to it like filerio , download,, # and more (can u give me feedback for ?

  4. I had buy PaySafeCard 10 bucks, its ready for send. 😉

    @ PH.M.H : Maybe user DeathMatchMachine can use this. I will try and ask him. 🙂
    Otherwise you can buy premium account for share-online, its very good for premium, because files stay years and will not deleted, so long you have account.

    ! You must delete this Topic in the end of the month. Because you ask for money with uploads of copyright material, stay save my friend and make the donation not so high. 🙂
    A other idea is to use some of this money and pay for own WH releases like WWE Network or Indy, Stardom etc.. So everyone wins on this point. I do not want damage on the wrestling sports company. This site is more for international visitors and helps out the fans and the wrestlers himself. We have visitors around the world and watch Indy and Stardom together, this is amazing. Love you all. 🙂

    @ DeathMatchMachine :

    Do you send with PayPal ? Can you use PaySafeCard for your ShareOnline account ?
    Maybe I can send you my PaySafeCard and you send money with your PayPal ?
    Its just a question. 🙂
    Or is it possible to convert PaySafeCard money into PayPal money ?

    Hast du PayPal ? Kannst du meine paysafecard gebrauchen für deinen shareonline account ?
    Vieleicht könnte ich dir meine PaysafeCard zusenden per mail und du überweist dan eben von PayPal aus oder so ? Ist nur eine frage, kein muss. 🙂
    Oder ist es möglich PaySafeCards umzuwandeln in PayPal geld ?

    1. I misunderstand the point of Donation for uploading copyright materials, what is the danger from that ? , in my plan these money will go back for wrestling fans again as you said we will release WH Material at time of Airing like Stardom and a lot of DVDs and PPVs yeah , my plan to inhance this site and I want it to became number 1 for all users for free

  5. I just want to say, please take care, I do not want Wrestling-Home down. I am do this 20 years long I had see wrestling sites up and down. I need your indy stuff 🙂

    Anyway I have the money for you, but it is paysafecard. Can only hope that DeathMatchMachine can help out. Otherwise I will send you the card.

  6. @indyfan: also über Paypal scheint das nicht so einfach zu gehen aber ich werd es mal über dieses webmoney probieren 🙂
    Werd dich sofort informieren wenn was geht 🙂

    @indyfan: looks like it isn’t that easy with PayPal I will try webmoney 🙂

  7. @ PH.M.H : good news 🙂 user DeathMatchMachine can maybe convert paysafecard into webmoney. And send you the money. Or maybe you can do it on your own, with webmoney.

    @ DeathMatchMachine : vielen vielen dank wen du da helfen könntest, würde mich echt freuen. wen es dir keine umstände macht, würde ich dir sehr gerne meine paysafecard über email zu senden, du brauchst nur deine mail adresse hir im topic posten. ich kann dir sofort die card zusenden, ich hatte schon freitag die card gekauft und liegt hir rum. das were echt mega geil wen das klappen würde. wen du mit der paysafecard was anfangen kannst um dein share account zu kaufen, würde es gut passen

    Oder ist es sogar möglich das PH.M.H die card selber umwandeln kann mit webmoney ? das were die beste lösung.

    Many many thanks, it would be great when you can help out. My card is ready for send, I can send you the card with email, just post your email adress here in the topic, I will send you the card. Would be great.

    Or is it possible that PH.M.H can convert the webmoney on his own account ?
    Thanks man. 🙂

  8. @indyfan: mit Paypal kann ich ihm die moneten schicken, gar kein Problem kannst die Karte auch stecken lassen deine Releases sind der Hammer würde ihm dann in deinem Namen nochmal was zukommen lassen 😁

    @indyfan: Paypal does work at the moment, no problem you’re releases are also awesome so I would do it for you 😁

  9. @ DeathMatchMachine :
    10 euro paysafecard
    vielen dank, aber die paysafecard ist nutzlos für mich. meine leitung ist für premium zu langsam und die free links hir auf wh reichen mir vollkommen aus. bitte nimm einfach meine karte an, ist von der tankstelle also keine sorge. poste einfach eine mail adresse so das ich sie dir senden kann.
    ich muss trotzdem einen weg finden für die zukunft ab und zu mal was donation zu können. wir brauchen wh wegen neuem indy stuff und news.

    10 bucks paysafecard
    many thanks, but the paysafecard is useless for me, because my internet is to slow for premium accounts and WH gives me free fast links. please use my card, it is save. just post your mail adress and I send you the money.
    but anyway I must find a way to donate for the future, WH has all the indy suff that we need.

  10. @ DeathMatchMachine :

    Habe dir heute die karte gesendet. Hoffe alles funktioniert.

    I had send you the card. Hope all will work.

  11. Yeah, thats cool

    @ DeathMatchMachine :

    vielen dank, für deine vertrauenswürdigkeit ! 🙂 wen der sommer vorbei ist, uploade ich dir wieder indy stuff.
    many thanks, you are good trusted member ! 🙂 when summer is over, I will upload some indy stuff for you.

    @ PH.M.H :
    Yeah you can trust DeathMatchMachine, he had help with the transfer. make him VIP member. 🙂
    Many thanks PH.M.H for all your work, love you man.

  12. HI

    How to contact you by whatsapp to notify our Donation ?

    When i click on the whatsapp link well i havent any contact to share with

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