Ryan Hall Modern Half Guard 2020 1080p

Ryan Hall Modern Half Guard 2020 1080p

Ryan Hall Modern Half Guard 2020 1080p
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Ryan Hall -1080p
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01 Intro/Citations.mp4.mp467.98MB
01 Intro/Course Intro FULL.mp4.mp448.60MB
01 Intro/Explaining what the course i….mp4108.80MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/01 The Purpose Of Your Guard.mp….mp4132.34MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/02 Stance For Jiu Jitsu.mp4136.09MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/03 Gripping.mp4150.11MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/04 Kuzushi.mp4121.94MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/05Removing Your Opponent From ….mp4114.45MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/06 Open vs Closed Half Guard.mp….mp4109.89MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/07 Conceptual Framework of your….mp4147.40MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/08 The Value of Being on your b….mp4200.61MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/09 The Value of Being on your b….mp4138.59MB
02 Conceptual Underpinnings/10 Using Postive Pressure as a ….mp4181.71MB
03 Body Positioning/01 Body Positioning.mp4147.79MB
03 Body Positioning/02 Contact Points For Your Guar….mp4123.91MB
03 Body Positioning/03 Examples of Different Frames….mp4197.46MB
03 Body Positioning/04 Deep Half on your side and n….mp4174.31MB
03 Body Positioning/06 The Attributes of the Underh….mp4178.26MB
04 The Shell Postion/01 The Shell Half Position.mp4162.44MB
04 The Shell Postion/02 Why we use the Shell and its….mp491.54MB
04 The Shell Postion/03 Using Your Shell Guard.mp467.00MB
04 The Shell Postion/04 Managing the shell.mp4245.54MB
04 The Shell Postion/05 The Shell and The Guillotine….mp4140.21MB
04 The Shell Postion/06 The Shell Half Position Cont….mp4190.52MB
04 The Shell Postion/07 Extensions From The Shell.mp….mp4235.14MB
05 Shell Techniques/01 Underhook From the Shell.mp4102.87MB
05 Shell Techniques/02 The Arm Drag.mp4179.37MB
05 Shell Techniques/03 Omoplata From Shell.mp4140.53MB
05 Shell Techniques/04 Shaolin Sweep from Shell.mp4124.71MB
05 Shell Techniques/05 Shell To Sliding Footlock Po….mp4112.24MB
05 Shell Techniques/06 Twist Sweep From Shell.mp4159.86MB
05 Shell Techniques/07 Platform Armlock.mp4162.99MB
06 The Deep Half Guard/01 Why Deep Half Guard Exists.m….mp4116.25MB
06 The Deep Half Guard/02 Expansion vs Contraction.mp4227.90MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/01 How the Deep Half Leg Leaver….mp4168.67MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/02 Deep Half Guard Leg Leaver O….mp4180.70MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/02 Deep Half Guard To Head On C….mp4183.16MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/03 Backside Crack Down.mp4204.62MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/04 Deep Half Front Side Crack D….mp4235.61MB
07 Deep Half Techniques/05 Double Leg Off The Crackdown….mp4155.90MB
08 Threats to the Half Guard/01 The Shell Half Position Uppe….mp4159.60MB
08 Threats to the Half Guard/02 Common Threats to The Shell…..mp4158.32MB
08 Threats to the Half Guard/03 Kimura Threat To Deep Half G….mp4292.31MB
08 Threats to the Half Guard/04 Marcelo Garcia Deep Half Kil….mp4256.14MB
08 Threats to the Half Guard/05 Dealing With Leg Attacks.mp4275.21MB
09 Deep Half Entries/01 Hip Shovel Costa Entry.mp4165.97MB
09 Deep Half Entries/02 Jeff Glover Scissor Entry.mp….mp4123.83MB
09 Deep Half Entries/03 shin to shin entry.mp4162.93MB
09 Deep Half Entries/04 Inside Spin to deep half.mp4175.89MB
09 Deep Half Entries/05 Hook Sweep Entry to Deep.mp4142.16MB
10 Combinations/01 Hook Sweep To Inside Spin.mp….mp497.77MB
10 Combinations/02 Inside Spin To Hook Sweep.mp….mp4100.06MB
11 Guard to Guard Transitions/01 Shin To Shin To Deep Half.mp….mp4105.74MB
11 Guard to Guard Transitions/02 One Leg X To Deep Half.mp4144.52MB
11 Guard to Guard Transitions/03 Deep Half To One Leg X.mp490.64MB
11 Guard to Guard Transitions/04 One Leg X into dEEP HALF.mp4224.95MB
12 Situations/01 Crab Ride.mp4175.65MB
12 Situations/02 Using Your Guard To Wrestle.mp4207.09MB
12 Situations/03 The Crutch Lock.mp4265.07MB
12 Situations/04 Reverse Half Guard.mp4256.64MB
13 The Waiter Postion/01 The Waitor Sweep Position.mp….mp4153.13MB
13 The Waiter Postion/02 Avoiding Strikes in the Wait….mp4110.09MB
13 The Waiter Postion/03 Waitor Sweep to 50!50.mp4163.97MB
14 Waiter Position Techniques/01 Waitor Sweep To Over Under P….mp4118.03MB
14 Waiter Position Techniques/02 Waitor Back Take.mp4201.75MB
14 Waiter Position Techniques/03 Waitor Back Take 2.mp4188.96MB
14 Waiter Position Techniques/04 Defending the Footlock in Wa….mp4186.34MB
14 Waiter Position Techniques/05 Waitor Sweep Ninja Roll.mp4334.45MB
15 Bonus Disrespectful Techniques/01 Disrespectful Shell Transiti….mp486.83MB
15 Bonus Disrespectful Techniques/02 IT.mp4140.67MB
15 Bonus Disrespectful Techniques/03 Karen.mp483.68MB
15 Bonus Disrespectful Techniques/04 Disrispectful Heel Hook Off ….mp4101.51MB
16 Random Thoughts/01 Get A Drilling Partner.mp481.68MB
16 Random Thoughts/02 Niche Vs Game.mp458.83MB
16 Random Thoughts/03 Slappling.mp431.95MB
17 Closing Thoughts/Closing Thoughts.mp4.mp420.30MB
17 Closing Thoughts/Don’t Steal My Shit.mp4.mp412.30MB

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  1. There is one file missing: 03 Body Positioning/05 Building To The Underhook (10:55)
    Any chance of adding it?

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