Request Wrestling Media [Aug 2019] [CLOSED TO UP REQUESTs]

Request Wrestling Media [Aug 2019]

Hello WH Fans , i hope all things are good with all of you as post title this post to request of uploading / re uploading media , feel happy to help All WH Fans

Rules to Accept your Request

  • you must have at least 10 approved comments at WH [Active members]
  • one request per comment if there is more than one only randomly one selected [ availability]
  • Media less than 5 GB will be live here less than 24 h from request time [if i have it]
  • packs or media above 10 GB will be added each thursday [less working exclusive media day]
  • you must be specific , determine your media with your Hosts [shine 39 / rapidgator]
  • don’t forget this post title [wrestling Media] = no requests of non wrestling related media

Requests that break one of this Rules will be automatically ignored


  • Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time/UptoMega
  • PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock N’ Roll) 2017 / USERsCLOUD
  • Gcw the acid cup 2016/video dailymotion [NOT FOUND BUT TRY TO UPLOAD IT]

thanks in advance


32 Comments on “Request Wrestling Media [Aug 2019] [CLOSED TO UP REQUESTs]”

  1. How can I register on this page? because always i have to write my name and email.
    Awseome website! Thanks for everything

  2. I come to say thanks to you uploader for all the AJPW NOAH DDT and others you post here.
    If you can keep uploading those will be awesome.
    Again, thanks!

    1. The main reason is to be active member appreciate the uploader # write comments not to be kick and run downloader (ok it’s up to you)
      But don’t let me see u only at the request time

  3. @ Dante :
    it is easy, when you download your favorite event than just write comments. like ‘thank you’, you can also comment video quality and wrestlers himself or about the event. thats all 🙂 be a part of the WH community. Comments will later activate, PH.M.H read first the comment and do it puplic.

    @ PH.M.H :
    when you search for older events or something special, maybe I can help out, just ask me. but can not promise.

    User ‘DeathMatchMachine’ had request classic indy events. And classic CZW fullscreen versions. I will work on it when summer is over. Also for his donation, he

  4. No PH. M.H I will not dissapoint you at all. I truly appreciate your hard work. But I do have a request can you please upload a DVD

    Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time/UptoMega

    If you find it in Blu-Ray that would be brilliant
    Thanks. You’re the best.

  5. So, that means a high amount of quickly typed “Thank You” posts means more than being here since day one, showing appreciation in every post and giving usefull hints from time to time?

    Interesting philosophy, but your site your rules!
    I don’t even know my post count, but since the site would not let me comment anything over a longer time, I think it is below 10.

    And since spaming threads with meaningless posts is not my philosophy, my list of possible requests (of some Japanese and Womens events) will remain unfulfilled for a long time.

    Anyways I will keep appreciating your great work and enjoy all the shows posted for all of us!
    (as long as it still is for “all” of us)

    1. Don’t forget I’m the person who approved comments, spammers will be ignored also I don’t need alot of thanks # have a Fun and comment with ur request

  6. i am not the german connection. i just chose moonsault as it is one of my favorite moves. i haven’t gotten an email yet for account.

  7. WWE RAW 2019 08 05 ALL RELEASES [VIP USERs]

    VIP – Page is working.
    Thank you 🙂
    But can not post comment there.

  8. @ PH.M.H
    I have some CZW uploads, but create page is pending, puplish not working ?
    Also image is not working ?

    1. now you can do any thing u have been promotted to site co admin [general manager] plz keep me trust on u
      what happen i shift ur authorities to group that allow u have access on vip members , so u cant create posts
      now i promote u to co admin – but may be u can access to old posts of vip members from next post u have all access
      have a fun

  9. @ PH.M.H : Many Thanks, finally it was working. Hope all will work fine. 🙂

    @ DeathMatchMachine : Yeah upload some classic CZW events, the FULLSCREEN version.

    There is also upcoming GCW Nick Gage Invitational 4, this will be deathmatch hardcore fest. Also GCW Josh Barnetts Bloodsport 2 with Jon Moxley. 😉 Can not wait for Nick Gage Invitational 4.

  10. @ PH.M.H: Hi dude there was the “insane championship wrestling insane 8” event on August 18th this has been a deathmatch tournament with Masada maybe you can upload this?

    @indyfan: yeah I’ve seen today that there are many many deathmatch events to come (if I’m right there will be for example a “Marcus Crain fest” )
    I’m so excited ??

  11. Would be cool to see MASADA, he is just insane, want him on GCW. 😉
    Yeah comes a lot up the next month also GCW in Japan with BJW.

    Marcus Crain own event ? Yeah Deathmatch

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