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This is deathmatch tournament with backyard wrestling ! One of the best IWA events.

IWA Deep South Carnage Cup VIII – 31.03.2012 Night 1

First Round Circus Death Match
Bryant Woods vs. Spyder Boodrow

First Round No Ropes Barbed Wire, Carpet Strip & House Of Pain Match
Bill The Butcher vs. Kody Krueger

First Round Deep Sea Death Match
John Rare vs. Mad Man Pondo

First Round Smash, Bam, Pow & Crash Death Match
Freak Show vs. Travis Locke

First Round Loose Light Tubes Match
Damien Payne vs. Josh Crow

First Round Barbed Wire Massacre Match
Matt Tremont vs. Sid Fabulous

First Round Nathans Sadistic Playground
American Kickboxer II vs. Neil Diamond Cutter

First Round Bundles Of Joy Death Match
Devon Maximus vs. Ron Mathis

IWA Deep South Carnage Cup VIII – 01.04.2012 Night 2

Semi Final Fans Bring The Weapons Match

Semi Final SAW Death Match

Semi Final Barefoot Pits Of Hell Match

Semi Final Death From Below Match

Final Four Way No Ropes, Flaming Barbed Wire & 250 Light Tubes Death Match

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Night 1


Night 2


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