IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018

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IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018

IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018

download IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018

DescriptionIWA (Inbred Wrestling Association)-Mid-South
(where the pussy is always close to home)
May 18 & 19, 2018
“King of the Death Matches”
Memphis, IN
(If you can’t find a wife there, you don’t have enough sisters)

*Joking Aside…

Night 1 (Round 1):

1. Barbed Wire Boards, Barbed Wire Bats & Loose Lighttubes:
    Devon Moore vs. Amazing Maria vs. John Wayne Murdoch

2. Taipei Death & Four Corners Of Pain:
    Bryant Woods vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Conor Claxton

3. Home Run Derby Death Match:
    Nick Gage vs. JC Rotten vs. Mike Roach

4. Gusset Plate Chairs, Light Tube Doors, & Loose Tubes:
    Shlak vs. Eric Ryan vs. Aeroboy

5. Barbed Wire Ladders, Lighttube Pits & Hot Coals:
    Dale Patricks vs. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Miedo Extremo

6. Fans Bring The Weapons:
    Markus Crane vs. G-Raver vs. Ciclope

*Ok, fuck this…

Night 2 (Round 2):

1. Quarter Finals: Cinder Blocks & More Fucking Light Tubes

2. Quarter Finals: Got a Shopping Cart
(But can’t afford groceries) Death Match:

3. Quarter Finals: Louis Gusset Jr.
Plate Madness, Light Tube Ropes

4. Quarter Finals:
Fans Bring the Weapons…and Herpes

Round 3:

5. Semi-Finals: World Series of Glass,
Light Tube Fixtures Edition
    (Sever an artery! #LifeGoals)

6. Semi-Finals: World Series of Glass, Mirrors Edition
    (Watch yourself bleed to death to a chorus of cheers!!!)

Non-Tournament Action:

7. **Triple-Threat “Lost In Round 1,
So Let’s Fucking Kill Eachother” Match**:
    ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Round 4:

8. Finals: House of Horrors
(aka: Ian Rotten’s Bathroom) Match
IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018
IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018
IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018
IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018



IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018

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4 Comments on “IWA-MS King of the Death Matches 2018”

  1. Hello dear PH.M.H !
    First, many many many thanx for all your work !
    Used to be an old ECW fan, but it’s been months now that you made me totally addicted to deathmatches tournaments ! 😀 THANX !!!

    This one needs 26 hours of downloading, that’s a bit long…
    Any shorter parts, zip versions or something more convenient please ?
    Nevermind if you can’t. 🙂

    By the way, it’s a shame that many IWA links are dead here, especially IWA KOTDM links (almost all are dead, except the 2004 and the 2009 ones), too baaad…

    1. According to dead links, I will try to find them again as these files uploaded from IWA Fan called IndyFan so really I don’t have methods to contact him he want to support us with these files so I hope he re back soon // second point the file hosts which we use give us some money from downloading and others give us from sales like rapidgator and nitroflare so we use those hosts to help us pay our monthly server costs also our uploading service ‘s bill so help us to continue bro !!

      3 methods available bro simple donation and u will subscribe at wrestling-home.vip more than 20 hosts per file which completely free + our vip server
      * or u can buy premium account from rapidgator and nitroflare links of us to allow us take some benefits

      Finally I hope u get understand what I mean bro , god bless you and your family

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