GirlFight Resistance 2018 06 30 Death Becomes Her 720p WEB h264-NCMP
GirlFight & The Resistance: “Death Becomes Her” Women’s Deathmatch Tournament
Video Duration: 01:35:58

Girlfight Wrestling and Resistance Wrestling present an 8 Woman Death Match Tournament held June 30th in Summit, IL.

First Round
No Rope Barb Wire Match
Ludark Shaitan VS Rebecca Payne

Staple Gun & Barbed Wire Bat Match
Jewells Malone VS Randi West

Thumbtack Death Match
Khloe VS Sage Sin

Dog Collar Match
Maria Manic VS Mickie Knuckles

Semifinal 1
Taipei Death & Singapore Cane w/ Special Ref Swoggle

Semifinal 2
Barbed Wire Boards Match

Light Tube Steel Cage Match
GirlFight Resistance 2018 06 30 Death Becomes Her 720p WEB h264-NCMP


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3 Comments on “GirlFight.Resistance.2018.06.30.Death.Becomes.Her.720p.WEB.h264-NCMP”

  1. MANY THANKS, great finding !

    What for a card, Yeah. Mickie Knuckles from IWA, can not believe that. Long time not see this women.

    This gets in my collection.

  2. Watch it yesterday and it was a great women indy death match tournament. I was not know that this Event was produced from IWA legend Mad Man Pondo ! Randi West was new for me, but she was strong, this women is perfect for deathmatch. A true good indy tournament event.

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