GCW 2019 05 04 The Last Ones Left 720p WEB h264-iNDYHEEL

GCW 2019 05 04 The Last Ones Left 720p WEB h264-iNDYHEEL


GCW 2019 05 04 The Last Ones Left 720p WEB h264-iNDYHEEL


7-Man F**k Fest
Nate Webb vs Reed Bentley vs Egotistico Fantastico vs Isaias Velaquez vs Garrett vs AJ Gray vs KTB

Marko Stunt vs Tony Deppen

Jake Atlas vs Shane Mercer

Eric Ryan vs Orin Veidt

Jimmy Lloyd vs Alex Colon

John Wayne Murdoch vs Markus Crane

Orange Cassidy vs Joey Janela

GCW World Championship
Mance Warner vs Nick Gage


5 Comments on “GCW 2019 05 04 The Last Ones Left 720p WEB h264-iNDYHEEL”

  1. Thank You. 🙂

    This was maybe the last GCW event for this month.
    Please remember Mance Warner was a long time IWA Champion. I will watch this event later and I do not know the results, but my feelings say Gage did it. Let see.

    !!! Now it go to the ULTIMATE event GCW TOS next month, the most hardcore insane Event of the year !!!
    nothing is better, this is Indy Wrestlemania

    1. I’m so glad GCW is here on this website and that it has fans here, I’ve read some people call GCW fans cult like even compared to Chikara fans but its the best wrestling around and the most fun.

  2. Thanks for your comment Luchy 🙂

    Cult hmmm
    There are many new indy fans since GCW was born. I am more a fan of the wrestlers himself, one of them is Nick Gage I watch him 20 years long, I can not without him. Gage was come out of prison and he was go back to CZW where he was one of the first member back 99, but CZW is not anymore good. GCW has many ideas from John Zandig the ex-owner and founder of CZW. The first 6 years of CZW was insane because of Zandig, but than DJ hyde was coming and it was going down. In the same time there was a revival between CZW and IWA and it was most of fun to watch all wrestlers in one tournament. Nick Gage was search for a new home and he found GCW. So far I know Joey Janela and John Zandig know each other well, that is the reason why Joey is doing the Zandig pose. Penelope Ford was tell this in the interview. But I also love, Danny Havoc, MASADA, Markus Crane, Freakshow, Drake Younger and all the other..
    GCW Tournament Of Survival 1 was produced from John Zandig !!! All wrestlers from IWA or CZW know each other and that many years long and now wrestle for GCW. It is a family. There are some seriously fights and highly risky and doing this mostly for nothing and only for the fans. There are so many storys. For 10 years ago there was nothing of them popular. But when fans talk about the events it helps a lot GCW or IWA, CZW and any other indy company.

    Just talking and dreaming back the good Zandig times. haha. Maybe Zandig comes back on GCW TOS ??? that would be a dream !

    1. @indyfan thank you for that comment not sure if you will see this, but yeah I’m one of the new fans I’ve been watching since Spring Break 2, I knew about the first one but never checked it out. When the second one aired I was like well lets see what this is all about, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been watching wrestling since the “attitude” era and was a WWE program mark, hated ECW and WCW. When I got older and found out about ROH and Indy Wrestling, and haven’t gone back to WWE since then. I always had a stigma towards extreme wrestling and backyard wrestling. But in a time like now where nothing like GCW is around its very refreshing and fun to watch. The last show “The Block is Hot” is one of the best representations of GCW the shows has high flying, a straight up wrestling match, and hardcore violence if I wanted to show someone what GCW was ” The Block is Hot” might be a good show to start with.

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