CZW Tournment of Death 18 Rough Edit

CZW Tournment of Death 18 Rough Edit

Download CZW Tournment of Death 18 Full event free hosts

CZW Tournment of Death 18 Rough Edit

Description* This event is a “Rough Cut” available exclusively here at CZWstudios – A finalized edit will be posted for digital viewing here at CZWstudios within the coming weeks & also made available on DVD through Combat Zone Wrestling Home Video & its distributors.

1. Round #1: Doors of Death: Dan O’Hare vs. SHLAK

2. Round #1: Summer Funtime Deathmatch: Jimmy “Chondo” Lyon vs. Conor Claxton

3. Round #1: Shattered Dreams: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Jimmy Lloyd

4. Round #1: Bundles & Boards: Big F’N Joe vs. Casanova Valentine

5. Non-Tournament: Home Run Derby Deathmatch: Murdered By Kicks (Matt Travis & Ken Broadway) vs. The REP (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) (w/ Maven Bentley & Kris Bishop)

6. Semi-Final #1: Exploding Bat Deathmatch

7. Semi-Final #2: Texas Tangled Web Deathmatch

8. Non-Tournament: Fans Bring the Weapons: Mance Warner vs. Matt Tremont

9. Tournament of Death 18 Final
Combate Americas 40 Palacios vs Gibson 720p

7 Comments on “CZW Tournment of Death 18 Rough Edit”

  1. Million Thanks. This is one of the most important events of the year for Indy section. Can not wait for Casanova Valentine.

    I stay with the Rough Edit. 🙂

  2. Quality is good enough, just watch some minutes. For Rough Edit, sometimes there are better Camera angels in front row.

    Watching it in the Night !

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