CZW – July 13, 2002 – Philadelphia, PA – Deja Vu


CZW-DejaVu-SCM.cd1.mpg 610.80 MB
CZW-DejaVu-SCM.cd2.mpg 592.48 MB
CZW-DejaVu-SCM.cd3.mpg 751.65 MB

Notes: (SCM)
Here it is as promised. Just like my last upload,
this is a VHS rip, so the quality isn’t absolutely
perfect but it is totally watchable.

  1. M-Dogg 20 vs Tony Stradlin
  2. VD vs New School vs Irish Drinking Team vs
    Towel Boy & Hurricane Kid
  3. Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs Chri$ Ca$h & GQ
  4. Doomsday Danny Rose vs Rainman
  5. Ruckus vs Sunjay Dutt vs Derek Frazier
  6. Nick Berk vs Z-Barr
  7. The Backseat Boyz vs The Lost Boys
  8. Justice Pain vs Adam Flash
  9. Lobo vs Wifebeater – No Rope Barbed Wire Match
  10. Zandig vs Lobo – No Rope Barbed Wire Match
    (very sick, graphic footage)…plus exclusive backstage footage.

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